Darkroom Clock

Darkroom timer app for iPhone

Versions up to 1.3

iPhone showing Darkroom clock app

Since releasing Darkroom Clock there has been three updates to the app (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3). In this post I’ll detail the changes made in each release.

Version 1.1

Added option to dim the iPhone screen while the app is running.

Version 1.2

Improved the darkroom recipe timer editing. Instead of editing a text field there is now a three column picker to select hour, minutes and seconds. Added an are you sure dialog to the reset button on the main screen.

Version 1.3

Added ability to edit current timers without going to the recipes screen. This will only edit your currently the timers you have on screen. The recipe timers will remain unedited. Added edge of screen drag gestures to move between main screen, settings and edit timers screens. Added usage data recording to give us more information on how to improve the app. Our privacy policy has been updated to reflect this.